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Express 9.0 (Monthly Subscription)


Product Description

ARTS & LETTERS Express 9.0 (Monthly Subscription)

Express 9.0 is a subscription based offering that includes continuous upgrades to Express, clip art and fonts. As other A&L products are released, Express 9.0 subscribers will receive, as a bonus, access to special versions of those releases.

The core product, Express, provides professional illustration tools and features. It includes an auto-update system that handles the delivery of new features without you having to manage downloads. Also included will be a new font manager “Son of the Boss” scheduled for release this Fall. Express users will receive approximately 2,000 fonts and an updated management system to access and control their fonts. New clip art releases will start January 2017, with Express subscribers benefiting from more award winning art.

Express 9.0 is perfect for business and education users as it provides a continuous upgrade to every new feature without having to wait months for a new product release. Express 9.0  also helps by providing a fixed cost and that is perfect for planning your budget.

With Express 9.0, you get it all…except the hassle of having to keep up with upgrades.

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  1. De tempos atrĂ¡s...

    Posted by Dalton Domingos Vieira on 17th Apr 2018

    I have not tried it yet, but I already know the previous versions! Great!

  2. Delighted with upgrade 9.0

    Posted by Inez Michael on 13th Dec 2017

    Began using A&L in the work place more than 20 years ago. Found it allowed someone (like me) who is not a trained graphics artist, to develop their own artistic creation using A&L. It makes me happy just achieving a color change on a graphic!

  3. Old love never dies

    Posted by Ariaen Zimmerman on 26th Jun 2017

    Arts&Letters has been used by me and my son for several decades. It has been indispensable for making slides for scientific presentations but also for all kinds of fun designs for labels and such. We hope to be able to use the program for decades to come!

  4. Still great after all these years

    Posted by John Franks on 11th Jan 2017

    I have been an Arts & Letters user since the first version came out for Windows. Prior to that I used Diagraph and Picture Perfect. Many of the clip art symbols in the A&L catalog datel back to Diagraph and I wish that A&L could open old Diagraph and PP files, but ...
    As to use, it's still the easiest and most complete package out there for my applications. I just finished writing a white paper that used clip art, imported JPG files, and scientific charts that were made with A&L. I then exported all of these to the document in Word format and later converted the entire document to a PDF file. Setting up the the graphics for the paper would have been impossible using any other single application. With A&L Express 9.0 I was able to do it all. I do wish the subscription were a little different, such as a single annual fee. In the middle of the project, my subscription ran out because I had changed credit cards, but not the details for my A&L account, so i had the nuisance of having to update in the middle of the project. Otherwise, I am still a satisfied user.
    My primary input for doing illustrations is the touch pad, followed by the touch screen, and then a tablet. Were I an illustrator, I'd probably rely wholly upon the tablet.

  5. The first graphic design program that i used many many years ago.

    Posted by Lucas van de paer on 28th Dec 2016

    Still a very good graphic design program. I have used it for decades.

  6. All of the old and lots of new

    Posted by John Franks on 4th Nov 2016

    I have been an A&L user since its introduction as a Windows 3.1 product and before that I used Diagraph and Picture Perfect. All that is missing from this new version of A&L is the scientific graphing ability of Picture Perfect, but I have been working around that for years. I used this version of A&L to develop sketches of new technology that later will be translated to files for use with 3D printers. I will be using A&L to generate both illustrations and charts for a new text book chapter in 2017. I am not a commercial artist, but A&L allows me to produce illustrations that are on part with technical illustrations often found in text books in both hard copy and e-format.

  7. Have used this for over 20 years....

    Posted by Dan on 2nd Sep 2016

    I've used this program (and it's earlier versions) for over 20 years. It provides great flexibility and can help make complex images and charts.

  8. Well worth the money

    Posted by Jerry Schwartz on 6th May 2016

    Even though I'm only a casual user, I've relied on Composer (and its predecessors) for so long I can't remember. I've used it for designing logos and creating posters and flyers. The huge assortment of clip art is a very big plus.

  9. Can Do Product

    Posted by Mike Birosak on 4th May 2016

    As a retired casual user, I have found Arts & Letters the easiest program to use for my projects. Does not require a long learning curve to produce professional results.

  10. Wonderful

    Posted by Jim Stepanek on 16th Sep 2015

    I started with Diagraph decades ago and have gone every upgrade offered. This is my first time with a subscription an only time will tell if I'll like it.

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